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The Pamper & Relax Gift Box is a thoughtfully curated collection of items designed to promote relaxation and self-care. It includes a shea hand cream, mug, cozy socks, pearl face mask, and a stylish scrunchie. Perfect for treating yourself or a loved one, this gift box helps to create a soothing and luxurious experience for the mind and body, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation.

- White Speckled Mug With Natural Clay Bottom or Hug in a Mug
- Gold Heart Embodied Fuzzy Socks
- Pearl Sheet Mask
- Shea Butter Hand Cream
- Elegant Pearl Scrunchie
- Signature Gift Box + Greeting Card with Personalized Message
Each gift box will be carefully curated and hand-wrapped box ships as a gift, with your personalized message and no pricing information. Orders take 3-5 business days to deliver, after which you'll receive an email with tracking information. Whether you want to hand deliver your gifts or ship around the country, you can add separate notes and addresses at checkout.

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